Welcome to my website! 
Here you will find the portfolio of a photographer
and the CV of a theologian.

The two occupations have a lot in common, such as:
1. both should point to God: 
the nature I photograph is God's general revelation 
while the Bible I teach is God's special revelation; 

2. light is essential to both: 
photography is about catching the right light in nature 
while the Bible is about getting to the Light of the world - Jesus;

3. both require effort and research:
to capture the right perspective on nature I need to observe it 
while to understand the Bible I need to study it.    

4. both need assistance:
in photography you need a camera to capture an image
while in theology you need the Holy Spirit to understand the Bible.

5. both should be enjoyed:
I enjoy creation by glorifying the Creator
while I enjoy the Bible by applying it to my daily life and teaching it to others.